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Melissa Rayne Dance - Callout for Professional Dance Artists in London

I’m looking to work with London based dancers (all genders, abilities and body types) aged 25+ for several paid R&D and performance opportunities throughout 2024 - DANCERS OVER 40 ARE ESPECIALLY ENCOURAGED TO APPLY. Seeking fearless and creative professional dance artists of integrity with strong artistry and performance skills, the ability to work efficiently and retain choreography, a good knowledge of improvisation and contact work, and a grounding in contemporary, classical, or folk/diaspora dance techniques. 

I’m interested in forming long-term collaborations with dance artists who would enjoy exploring Butoh-inspired interiority, the expressionism of Duncan Dance, and the physicality of martial arts. I create anti-patriarchal DanceArt influenced by feminism, surrealism, the Occult, mental health and neurodivergence, and the Human Condition.

The opportunities I’m recruiting for are: 

5th and 12th June 2024 - One dancer (any gender) for 2 x 3-hour (am) first stage R&D sessions for a future dance film project* ‘Return To Life’ exploring the four seasons in Thamesmead. Paid at £56.25 per session. Apply by 5pm Friday 24th May. 

August 2024 - One male dancer for 5 days’ R&D leading to a 15-minute duet performance at a community festival in South East London, with an opportunity for a second performance in October 2024. Exact rate TBC. Apply by 5pm Sunday 30th June.

September/October 2024 - Up to three dancers (all genders) for 5 days’ R&D leading to a 25-minute group performance in London in October 2024. Paid at £545 for R&D and £151 for performance day. Apply by 5pm Sunday 30th June.

All projects are self-funded or supported by Arts Council England.

To apply: visit, upload your CV, a link to a movement reel of 3-minutes max showing improvisation and performance.

*this project has the potential to be expanded until Spring 2025 so please bear in mind your availability when applying.

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